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New generation insulation glass Isıcam Sinerji reduces heat loss by 50% compared to standard double glass thanks to its heat control feature.
It saves the fuel costs in winter by keeping the heat inside. It pays the first investment expenditure back in 1-2 years with the fuel savings it provides.

In front of the window does not create a cold zone, the heat is evenly distributed.It is the closest view to the flat glass to the nearest.

Where to Buy?
Like other types of insulating glass, it is produced in the facilities of Isıcam authorized producers (IYÜ), which are regularly inspected by Trakya Cam.

Where to use?
It is used in the exterior hardwood areas, doors and windows and in the exterior interior wall coverings. It provides maximum energy saving.
Isıcam Comfort
Insulating glass is the brand of insulation glass unit that provides comfort, thermal insulation and solar control features of Trakya glass.

Insulating Glass is a new generation insulating glass in addition to comfort, heat control and sun control. Reduces heat loss by 50% and solar heat by 40% compared to standard double glazing, saves fuel in winter and air conditioning in summer. Isıcam Comfort with heat and solar control does not compromise on light

It is the closest to the colorless flat glass.If you prefer the glass comfort, it will return to you in 1-2 years with additional investment and energy saving you will make.

Where is it produced?
As with all Isıcam types, Isıcam is produced in the facilities of authorized producers (IYÜ) which are regularly audited by Trakya Cam.

Where to use ?
It is used in windows, doors, interior and exterior façades of all architectural structures in order to minimize heating and cooling costs.
Isıcam Classic
What is Insulating Glass?
Classic Isıcam, which is a colorless flat glass in both mosques, reduces heat losses by 50% compared to single glass and saves fuel costs.

Insulating glass is an insulating glass unit formed by joining two or more glass plates at the factory conditions to accommodate dry air or gases suitable for ambient pressure.

Where is it produced?
Classical insulating glass is produced at Trakya glass's own facilities and at the facilities of Isıcam authorized manufacturers (IYÜ), which are regularly audited by Trakya Cam, ie Gülcam.

Where to use ?
It is used in all kinds of residential architectural structures, door windows, exterior interior walls, different joinery and in various glass divided or covered areas.
Reflective Glass
By controlling the brightness and radiation temperature of the sun's rays entering the buildings, it prevents the interior from being seen from outside when the light is strong.
These are environmental control windows which provide a contemporary image and color to the exterior surfaces of the buildings by providing integrity in the facade structures.
There are glass products in various colors such as bronze, smoked, blue, green  and each product has different thermal insulation coefficients.
These glasses can be used as single glazing or used as insulating glass.
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